Though I had never imagined of it, the first step in my life was to work as a pharmacist. Just for a while I thought I could perform this occupation but it was a futile effort... There was only one thing in my mind, heart and soul: Painting. 
While living in the city of Kütahya, I started to work on paintings at my master Ahmet Yakupoğlu’s atelier. Then one day I found myself working on miniatures - and what a joy that was! After the miniatures, İznik tiles stole my heart and mind. 
I gave up on working as a pharmacist and established my own atelier. I started to work on ceramics and open exhibitions. Meanwhile, I got my master’s degree in the Ancient Ceramics Restoration program of the Social Sciences Institute at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. 
Currently I am working enthusiastically each and every day at my atelier in Beykoz, İstanbul to create new works of art.